Experience in Business / Good Network / Leadership Quality.
Opportunity to widen its network / 1.25% Service Fee on Members enrolled through them for this project.
No. Can be easily manageable part time.
Minimum 25, maximum can be any number up till the threshold limit of enrolment of application.
Should have Idea to start Business. Should be willing to participate actively. Should invest in the RD on regular basis without any defaults.
No, that will not make any change in your benefits. But best two Co-ordinators will get gift from Kingsman Group for their performance.
Members interested for any other support apart from funding, will get the support from company.

They will be considered as Alumni of series 1 and would be eligible to enrol for upcoming projects.
Should have good idea. Willing to participate in the project.
Out of 700 Applications, best 100 will be selected. Those 100 will have face to face meetings to discuss about their idea and vision. Out of them, best 20 will be selected for funding. No specific selection criteria’s are made for selection. Its purely focused on their readiness and strength in idea to start own business.
Ownership to run business activity – Should require to lead the business – Time involvement for execution to be given –should be regular in paying RD instalments. – Should be co-operative with Kingsman Team to execute his own business.
If three defaults will happen in paying monthly instalments of RD, the member RD will be blocked and amount invested will not be refunded back and member will lose eligibility to participate in future projects.
Investment will be done in in Kingsman Solutions Nidhi Limited. Company is a unlisted Public Company, registered under Companies Act. It’s a small Finance Bank, run as per the RBI specified rules.
Program is framed in such a way that, any one gets associated with it, will get some or other benefits. Members who will not get fund will get 1) return of 9 % on their investment 2) Opportunity to expand business connections.
Fund will be allocated in Cash, however along with that, candidates will get many more benefits, vouchers and services at discounted rates from company as well as co-partners end.